Thursday, 7 April 2016

It’s a Gin Thing

Who doesnt love a nice refreshing gin and tonic on a hot day? (or a cold day....or any day to be honest...)

Well apparently us Brits are more enamoured of the tipple, the origins of which date back to Holland in the early 17th Century, than ever before. As a nation we spent a whopping £1 billion on gin in 2015. Twenty nine million litres of the stuff was consumed. And to cope with the demand 49 new distilleries opened, doubling the number since 2010. We are now the biggest exporter of gin in the world.

Far from being referred to as mothers ruin, gin is now attracting a younger, trendieraudience. And who can blame them!

Here at Hunters we stock favourites Masons and Bombay Sapphire, but for something a bit different we also sell the fabulous SLOEmotion sloe gin. Theyre a family business, based near us in North Yorkshire, which harvests fruits from hedgerows and orchards to create lots of mouth-watering products using traditional recipes.

Theres SLOE Gin, the delicious Damson Gin and we love the gin-based SLOEmotion No 7, which you mix with lemonade and ice for a really refreshing summer drink. Theres even delicious SLOE Gin Truffles for chocolate fans. (The brand also does SLOE Whisky, SLOE Brandy and even SLOE Ruby Port but thats a whole different blog post!)

So if youre looking for a new tipple to try or an interesting new mixer why not come and take a look at what weve got in store?

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