Tuesday, 17 May 2016

World Baking Day – the best thing since sliced bread...

Tuesday May 17th marks World Baking Day. Our mouths are watering already...

It does seem that baking has never been so popular – and much of that is down to the nation’s unifying love of The Great British Bake Off. Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry must single-handedly be responsible for thousands of us daring to believe we can create a masterpiece in our kitchens on a Wednesday night.  (Don’t worry those of you with withdrawal symptoms – hopefully the next series will be back on our screens in August!)

There’s not many children who don’t jump at the chance to get their hands dirty in the kitchen, whipping up a batch of muffins or cookies (and the eating of them is usually pretty popular too). 

At Hunters we stock a range of baking ingredients, from the basics such as flour, marzipan and dried fruit to more specialist baking ingredients such as vanilla bean paste and peppermint extract.

There is edible glitter and sand in every colour you could want from pink to black, which  always sells well and is great fun. It includes everything you need to decorate the most beautiful cupcakes, sponges or biscuits.

So no matter whether you’re a worthy contestant for next year’s Bake Off, or you’re more likely to whip up a banana loaf than a four tiered pavlova, why not get creative this World Baking Day? Rope in some family or friends to help and make it a social occasion! There’s thousands of recipes out there for every level of talent, so there’s no excuse not to try...


Friday, 6 May 2016

All Hail the Humble Sandwich

Sunday 8th May marks the start of British Sandwich Week – one of our favourites!

We love a really good sandwich here at Hunters – and it appears so do our customers given how many we sell. (Note the ‘really good’ bit though – there’s nothing worse than a soggy sarnie.)

We make upwards of 50,000 fresh, deep filled sandwiches every single year. If those were laid end to end it would loop an Olympic sized athletics track almost 19 times!  Although we’ve no plans to test that particular theory, it sounds a bit wasteful. 
UK consumers are thought to eat nearly 11.5 billion sandwiches per year, according to the British Sandwich Association (BSA). Chicken is apparently the most popular variety across the country, followed by cheese and then ham. 

Our best sellers here at Hunters are our classic roast beef, closely followed by our roast ham and salad. Both meats are locally sourced and cooked fresh on the premises. Although our very special Hunters Celebration, which we launched last year to mark our 25th anniversary, is still proving so popular we’ve had to make it a permanent addition to the menu! It includes layers of rare home-cooked roast beef, Harrogate blue cheese and Puckett's Pear and Apricot Chutney, served in either a white or wholemeal bread bun. All of the ingredients are locally sourced, with the bread made in Malton, and the chutney produced in York. Is it lunch time yet?? 

And of course, the beauty of where we’re based is there’s no end of spectacular picnic spots to enjoy them at – the castle, the North York Moors National Park, Sutton Bank, or even just sat on the steps of the Feversham Monument outside our store, watching the world go by!