Thursday, 25 August 2016

The nation goes crazy for coconuts!

You may have noticed the coconut, a treat once saved for tropical shores, seems to be everywhere at the moment, with new products springing up and growing in popularity every day.

As celebrity chefs, including superstar Joe Wicks, sing the praises of the coconut in its various forms it seems the British people are also jumping on board with this particular superfood trend and we don’t blame them!

Recent figures have shown that Britons are currently spending more the £100 million a year on coconut products. Numbers break down to over £60 million being spent on coconut water, £16.4 million on coconut milk and £14 million on coconut oils. However, did you know that the term coconut can refer to the entire coconut palm, the seed, or the fruit, which botanically is a drupe, not a nut.

With so many potential uses for the coconut, artisans across the world are creating new products almost every day, many of which are focused on being health foods. Whilst research continues on the exact health benefits of coconut products one thing is for sure, they taste great! Here at Hunters of Helmsley we love the versatile coconut and have an array of offerings for you to discover and enjoy.

Those being inspired by the new series of The Great British Bake Off can rustle up innovative showstoppers with Biona’s Coconut Palm Sugar and Shepcote’s Raw Thick Cut Chipped Coconut or Desiccated Coconut. If you would like to create a gluten-free bake Biona’s Coconut Flour is an excellent option, the flour can also be used to create tasty pizza bases minus the wheat.

If you’re preparing Asian inspired cuisine nothing beats the great taste of coconut. Blue Dragons range of Creamed Coconut, Coconut Cream and Coconut Milks come in various sizes and are perfect for creating a tasty sauce, or cooling down a recipe with one too many chilies! That mid-week stir-fry can be freshened up with Taylor & Colledge Coconut Extract Paste, a definite fridge staple! Tiana’s Coconut Butter also offers an excellent alternative to traditional fats with some using it to top their morning toast.

An interesting substitute to usual cooking oils is Biona’s Coconut Oil, the perfect accompaniment to your frying pan or roasting tray. Coconut oil is also a beauty must-have with its deep moisturising properties allowing it to be a luxurious moisturiser and hair conditioner. Celebrities including well-being ‘guru’ Gwyneth Paltrow also swear by coconut oil in order to create that perfect Hollywood smile. It’s apparent whitening properties can be unleashed by use a technique called ‘pulling’…

As well as edible entities coconuts also produce the base for an array of interesting and delicious drinks. We carry both Rude Health and Koko coconut milks, both of which are free from dairy meaning they are the perfect solution for those with a lactose intolerance or allergy.

So, as the nation continues to go wild for coconut products why not give them a try yourself? Come see us in the shop and we’d be happy to recommend our favourites!

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Fire up the coals and call over the neighbours – it’s BBQ season!

As news channels fill up with reports of the second heatwave of the summer, forecasters are predicting some areas of the country could see temperatures soar to a whopping 35 degrees! With this in mind it’s an ideal opportunity to take some well-deserved time in the great outdoors and light up the BBQ.

It would appear us Brits love a good barbie - during 2015 it was reported that we indulged in over 130 million of them. That number accounts for the average family hosting 9 barbecues each summer! In fact, barbecues are now the UK’s number one home leisure activity with hordes of hungry households choosing to dine outdoors.

Here at Hunters of Helmsley we love a good BBQ and never miss an opportunity to make the most of the rare British sunshine. We don’t think anything can bring together families, friends and communities like some delicious food and perhaps a couple of ice cold drinks. All of the preparation can be thirsty work after all!

Following the collection of some show stopping meat pop in to check out our variety of BBQ extras, each one bound to sit perfectly alongside your al fresco feast. On offer you will find fresh breads, a range of sublime cheeses guaranteed to impress even the most discerning cheese lover and patés, relishes and pickles just waiting to top the perfect sandwich. For those looking to enjoy something slightly different, we highly recommend classic pork sausages served alongside Hunters own Red Onion Marmalade, trust us, this unusual combination is a winner! 

We all know that after a long day of hard work a well-deserved drink is sometimes on the cards. An ice cold beer and BBQ go hand in hand and needn’t be saved for the weekend. After-work or mid-week barbies now account for more than 48% of all BBQ occasions. Let’s face it, we know that when the sun is shining we should make the most of it while we can!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Eat like an Olympian

The 5th August marks the beginning of the 2016 Olympics, a historic tournament which dates back to 1896. To celebrate we are serving up a taste of Rio in the form of a classically Brazilian Bauru sandwich. It’s delicious!

As athletes travel to the host city, sports fans from across the globe are preparing for what is hailed as ‘the greatest show on earth’ – the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Revelers will congregate around the five Olympic rings, each of which represents a major region of the world – Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe or Oceana to celebrate both the athlete’s dedication and the rich tapestry of cultures.

Whilst the Olympians no doubt stick to carefully planned diets, we’re sure they all wish they were tucking into a classic Bauru sandwich. The dish, which is hugely  popular in Brazil, comes with an interesting story. Legend has it that a law student called Casemiro Pinto Neto, otherwise known by his nickname ‘Bauru’, entered his favourite restaurant during the 1930s and asked the kitchen to make him his favourite sandwich. His creation was so delicious that the chef added it to the menu and the Bauru sandwich was born!

This tasty lunchtime option consists of crusty bread, locally sourced beef which will be home cooked at Hunters, melted mozzarella, zingy pickles and juicy tomatoes. The South American treat will be available to buy in store for £4.50 throughout the games. BUT with only a few weeks of sporting action to enjoy you better get your running shoes on and come to visit us!