Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Making Dry January Fun

The Dry January phenomenon seems to have sprung up quite suddenly, however, those in Europe have been participating for some time. Following WW2, the Finnish government launched a campaign called ‘Sober January’ as part of its war effort and this practice was carried on through the following years.

Here in the UK, many now pledge to keep away from drinks and ask people to sponsor them on their ‘Dry-athon’. Charities including Cancer Research and Alcohol Concern support those undertaking the challenge and gain lots of donations in the meantime. Many also choose to put down the glass in order to detox and enjoy a healthier lifestyle whilst also losing a few pounds.

Whatever your reasons, here at Hunters of Helmsley we want to make sure that you see the month out with tasty non-alcoholic treats that your taste buds will thank you for.
 Take a look at our wide range of soft drinks including Fentimans old fashioned lemonade, cherry cola and dandelion and burdock to name a few. Folkingtons sparkling Elderflower is sure to provide a refreshing lift whilst their range of juices are a real treat. San Pellegrino’s Limonata, Aranciata and Aranciata Rosa are guaranteed to ensure you don’t miss any of the stronger stuff.

On top of all that, Belvoir’s lovely bottles and La Mortuacienne’s selection of extra special lemonades will fill the void in a celebration.

If you need something warming and comforting, brew up a cup of tea and chose from our huge selection of beautiful brews. Options from Twining’s and Pukka include peppermint, green teas, fruit and classics such as English breakfast and Earl Grey. You’re sure to have a pep in your step after a steaming mug of coffee, we stock Taylors of Harrogate and Grumpy Mule amongst others, and have a selection of instant, ground and beans instore.

After that we hope you’re feeling ready to take on the last few days of Dry January, we’re all behind you! And if you’re a bit behind the times you can always go for a Dry February

Monday, 16 January 2017

What will we eat in 2017

If you believed everything you read, the food we eat is becoming more wacky, wonderful and weird by the day with new trends coming onto the gastronomic scene constantly. But in and amongst the strangest of suggestions are some fantastic new ideas and tastes which we love to explore at Hunters

Personalities like Deliciously Ella, Joe Wicks and Zanna Van Dijk are filling our social feeds with their clean eating lifestyles and we are loving it! With January being a traditionally healthy month they are just the inspiration we need to keep to our resolutions and make positive changes.


This got us thinking about healthy food trends and what experts are telling us we will love in 2017. Items set to make our taste buds tingle and waistlines shrink include pulses, smoked food and even insects (apparently they’re full of protein!) Here at Hunters of Helmsley we aren’t claiming that everything we eat and love is super healthy but we are fans of enjoying treats that taste good and make us feel good too.


If news headlines claiming that sugar is the devil have you hoping to cut back on the sweet stuff in 2017 take a look at our alternatives. Our selection of maple, date and agave syrups are great solutions when seeking healthier substitutes to processed sugar. If you want to reduce your intake of gluten or have an intolerance, take a look at our free-from range. We have a selection of gluten-free pastas, breads, crackers, pastries and cakes that are perfect for you. 


With the trend for healthy breakfasts set to continue, celebrities will be filling our screens with beautiful brunches. Our fresh farm eggs are lovely poached and will keep you going right through to lunch time. If you want to try something new check out savoury porridge. Using Yockenthwaite Farm oats topped with items including cheese, vegetables and even bacon they are deliciously different! Those wanting to stick to the classics can top their oats with Natural World nut butters. Flavours such as Almond and Coconut, Pecan and Fig, Pistachio or Hazelnut and Carob are our favourites!

As many people become increasingly aware of global issues they are also taking to an increasingly vegetarian – or frequently a flexitarian - diet. We carry a range of Yorkshire Provender broths, soups and bisques amongst others. A particular favourite here is the pea and spinach with fresh mint, a tasty flavour which is perfect for getting those greens in.

So why not try something new this January? If you’re looking for advice and recommendations we love nothing better than a good chat with our customers – and if you’ve spotted an obscure food trend you’re dying to try, we’ll see what we can do to help you out!

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Snap up a Sandwich

They’re the simple, quick and delicious meal option that us Brits go crazy for. Whether it’s filled with bacon for a hearty breakfast, has its crusts removed before being added to a school pack-up or is quickly scoffed at our desks, the sandwich is a national treasure!

Birds Eye recently commissioned a survey into the nation’s top 50 sandwiches in a bid to find out what we’re filling our lunch boxes with and the results are in. The research revealed that the favourite amongst those interviewed is a simple ham & cheese sandwich, with 35.5% of respondents selecting it as the ultimate sarnie.

In second place was the warming fish finger sandwich at 27% and rounding off the top three was chicken & bacon at 26.5%. The previous year’s 3rd place, the BLT, received 21% of the vote toppling down to fifth place. Take a look at the full results below:

1. Ham and Cheese 
2. Fish Fingers 
3. Chicken & Bacon
4. Chicken & Mayonnaise 
5. BLT 
6. Sausage 
7. Cheese & Tomato 
8. Crisp
9. Tuna & Cucumber 
10. Egg & Cress 

Here at Hunters of Helmsley we are butty fanatics and would perhaps even go as far as to call ourselves experts in the field (we sell upwards of 50,000 a year – does that qualify us as an expert?). If you want to make your own, we have a delicatessen in store that is just bursting with sandwich fillers galore. We also carry a wide range of breads and baked goods including gluten free options.

Alternatively we can freshly prepare you a sandwich to take away all day every day. Our selection includes familiar favourites such as tuna, various cheese varieties, smoked salmon, prawn mayonnaise and locally reared hams. But by far and away the best seller is our home-cooked roast beef, served with a little bit of salad and horseradish. Simply delicious.

If you’re in the mood for something different take a look at our daily specials, many of which include combinations you may have never sampled but are guaranteed to love. You might remember our summer special, the South American Bauru sandwich. Locally sourced beef roasted daily on site, combined with melted mozzarella, zingy pickles and juicy tomatoes made it a real favourite here (keep an eye out for seasonal sandwiches in the future!)

As well as rolls, baps and freshly baked loaves, our lunchtime menu is full of other tasty treats that are sure to fill the spot. Try our delicious homemade quiches, deep filled pies, flaky pastries and special sausage rolls before washing them down with a cooling (or warming) drink from our wide selection.

So….is it midday yet?